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Concrete Demolition Agent

Easy Blast for Safe Concrete Demolition. Concrete cracking agent from Easy Blast is noiseless and safe to use. You need to drill holes in the concrete structure and pour the chemical slurry. Remember to wear rubber gloves and goggles for your safety. The chemical will expand to break the concrete structure without creating any noise.


PRODEMO has grown from grass roots to become one of the worlds leading developer and global distributor of Nonexplosive Demolition Agent products. As one of the wellknown manufacturer of Soundless Cracking Agent SCA, we own special horizontal kiln with a length of 39 meters, 3 units diameter 1.83 meters oversized ball grinding mill

Other terms by which EXPANSIVE MORTAR are known including Non Explosive demolition agent, Soundless Cracking Agent, Expansive Agent, Expansive concrete, Soundless Chemical Demolition Agent and other related variations of these terms. TECHNOLOGY EXPANSIVE MORTAR has been proven to be effective substitutes for the use of explosives.

calcium hydroxide demolition agent

Crackmax Expansive Mortar for Rock Demolition. explosive demolition Agents, chemical name: Calcium Hydroxide, is a new commercial product which is an alternative to explosives and gas pressure blasting products used in demolition, mining, and quarrying. Xiamen Prodrill Equipment Co., Ltd. Fujian,China. Site Member.


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Kina Stone Soundless Expansive Mortel split

EXPANSIVE MORTAR NonExplosive Demolition Agent r ett icketoxiskt och cementeringspulver, som bestr av kalcinerade oxider av kalcium, kisel och aluminium, EXPANSIVE MORTAR blir ett mycket kraftigt fantastiskt expansivt tryck p 11200 T / m2 nr det blandas med vatten .

Rock Force Chemical Demolition

ROCK FORCE is a nonexplosive demolition agent ROCK FORCE is a heavily swelling mortar for nonexplosive concrete demolition and rock breaking. It expands soundlessly, tears apart structural elements and separates reinforcing steel from concrete. Demand for nonexplosive and vibrationless demolition has experienced exponential growth in the past few years.

Various Application Videos of BETONAMIT Demolition Agent

Time lapse videos and more using nonexplosive cracking agents for concrete and rock demolition.

Simple Handling Popular Reliable Soundless Cracking Agent

Simple Handling Popular Reliable Soundless Cracking Agent, Find Details About Simple Handling Popular Reliable Soundless Cracking Agent, Simple Handling Popular Reliable Soundless Cracking Agent From Nonexplosive Demolition Agents Supplier / Manufacturerxiamen Prodemo Imp.


The use of the nonexplosive demolition agents in rock demolition or quarrying is very easy, holes are simply drilled in the base rock like they would be drilled with the conventional explosives. Then a slurry mixture of the nonexplosive demolition agent and water is poured into it. Over the next few hours the

Non Explosive Cracking Agent manufacturer

Expansive agent is developed by China Building Material Academy and manufactured by burning the mixture of special clinker and some additives in a rotary kiln at a 1500 degrees high temperature. It is an effective and safe expanding agent, which can be used to

chemicals for cement or stone breaker in india

The best way to break up rock without using explosive materials is by drilling small boreholes into the rock and pouring an expansive chemical agent into the holes These chemicals are called soundless chemical demolition agents or non explosive demolition agents The process can be done on a small scale with a boulder or on a large scale . Chat

demolition agents

High Range Soundless Cracking Agent HSCA Calcium Oxide Prodrill High Range Soundless Cracking Agent HSCA are Nonexplosive demolition Agents for Rock breaking, concrete demolition in quarrying, mining and construction.

CRACKMAX Professional Expansive Mortar/Stone Cracking

CrackMax Expansive Mortar can be used safely, while providing controlled expansive cracking. It can also be used to achieve the perfect slabs and blocks from onyx, marble, granite, or any other type of stone. as nonexplosive, soundless and safe demolition agent provides the most technically suitable, environmental friendly and costeffective alternative solution in dimensional stone application.


Nonexplosive demolition and cracking agent DYNACEM is sold in 5 and 20 kg boxes. The price depends on ordered quantity. When ordering larger quantities, the price per 1 kg may be significantly lower. Please request a quote by sending us an email: show.


Nonexplosive Demolition Agent. Erin Bedford is a writer who has had work published in Flash Fiction Magazine, The Temz Review, William Patterson Universitys Map Literary, Train: a poetry journal GUEST. Follow her on Twitter or visit her website to learn more.

equipment for breaking concrete

Video embedded Dexpan NonExplosive Demolition Agent for Easy rock breaking and concrete removal, while providing silent cracking Demolition has Never been Easier Know More Concrete Pavement Construction Rubblizing Concrete,


NonExplosive Chemical Expansion Agent Soundless Chemical Demolition Agent Unlike explosive chemicals or expansive compounds, soundless chemical demolition agents SCDAs do not produce vibrations, and hence, they are completely quiet and safe to use. When the chemical agent is properly used, it does not cause significant noise, ground

Rock Blasting Non Explosive Soundless HSCA Demolition

Rock Blasting Non Explosive Soundless HSCA Demolition Agent/Expansive Mortar 36 followers on LinkedIn. SPLITSTAR is the brand of our expansive mortar. It is a highly expansive powder

dexpan distributors south africa

Dec 09, 2012Import Export Trade Leads NON EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION AGENT DEXPAN . South Africa B2B Portal. Meet South African business partners. Promote your products in South Africa.South Africa Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors.Yellow Pages. More detailed

Demolition Powder,Crackamite,Crackamite Powder,Stone

Call us 09162652223,Demolition Powder, a NonExplosive Silent Cracking Agent, is a highly expansive powder composition for stone breaking, granite and marble quarrying, concrete. 91 9162652223 / 7259543561


non explosives demolition agent calcium hydroxide c2 expansive mortar jul 2007 present 13 years 8 months. erode and china

China Breakag Nicht Explosive Abbruchmittel Exrente Mrtel

China Breakag Nicht Explosive Abbruchmittel Exrente Mrtel Finden Sie den Preis und vollstndige Details ber Steinbrechmittel,Calciumhydroxid,Nicht Explosiver Expansiver Mrtel Produkte vom Lieferanten oder Hersteller XIAMEN PRODRILL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD..

What You Need to Know About Non

Feb 24, 2021February 24, 2021. Expanding demolition grout is the best nonexplosive demolition agent that is effective in breaking rock and concrete. In addition, it is designed to assist demotion experts with a nonexplosive solution that is environmentfriendly. The solution is also ideal in regions that are environmentally sensitive.

Non Explosive Demolition Agent

THE CRACKER is a nontoxic, nonexplosive cracking agent used in a myriad of applications including concrete breakage and demolition. It enables standard demolitions to be carried out with consistent accuracy without the need for special equipment, making it safe and simple. Compared to conventional methods of demolition, THE CRACKER is free


Nonexplosive static demolition agent including CaO clinker powder and amorphous compound containing CaO, MgO, Al2O3 and SiO2 is provided to control hydration rate, to improve workability, to embody excellent expression of expansion pressure and to ensure time for the expression by combining the CaO powder with the amorphous compound to show pozzolan reactivity and potential hydraulicity

Non explosive demolition agent by Albionbert

Nov 16, 2015Non Explosive Demolition Agent EXPANDO is an expansive mortar chemical that cracks rocks and concrete. It is a concrete cutting, granite breaking and general demolition solution.

Demosol Iii Non

Demosol offers flexible prices for NonExplosive Demolition Agents variations depending on the importing country and quantity. Tradewheel is a BusinesstoBusiness platform that enables international traders dealing in Chemicals and features more than 37436 products from 18 other categories.


KATROCK is a silent, nonexplosive demolition agent having the capability of demolishing rock or concrete safely without causing noise, vibration, flyrock or environmental pollution. It is a harmless, nontoxic powder which is safe, efficient, simple to use, and is very reliable under all sorts of conditions including under water.

NEDA Pigments Allieds

NEDA expansive mortar, stone cracking powder, Soundless Cracking Agent SCA are Nonexplosive demolition agents, is to be commercial products that are an alternative to explosives and gas pressure blasting products in demolition, mining, and quarrying. To use nonexplosive demolition agents in demolition or quarrying, holes are drilled in the base rock like they would be drilled for use

Was ist ein nicht explosiver Abbruchmittel

TEL : 865925601702 5682036. Email: salesquarryingtools Address: Unit 8001, Part A, Minnan Culture Town, No.350, Changle Road, Huli, Xiamen China.361006


CRACKAMITE, a NonExplosive Expansive Silent Cracking Agent, is a highly expansive powder composition for stone breaking, granite and marble quarrying, concrete cutting and demolition. CRACKAMITE is safe, environment friendly and a good and viable alternative to explosives and other traditional methods of quarrying and demolition.

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